Mai/Juni: After the long winter finally "op di pad" to South of France and Spain for Hashing and other activities



September/October: Through France and Spain to harvest Mangos in Andalusia.

July: Because biking along a river was so much fun, for a change we did it on a German river, the river Mosel.

May: On our way back we meet with Domy and Yves to bike along the river Loire

April - May: Sicily has always been a dream destination for us. This spring it became true.

January - March: During winter we made several skiing trips to Arlberg, Ofterschwang and Davos.


Dezember: Baltic sea

October: to Brittany

July/August: Roundtrip in Hungary

June/July: Biking along the river Main

June: Six Europeans in Paris

April: Biking on Lac du Der


October: Autumn in Alsace

September: Mangoharvest

July: Three weeks later we meet again in France for the Armada of Rouen

April/May/June: Our first big voyage is a round trip through France, Spain and Portugal

February/March: The maiden voyage

January : We found "our" camper.


September: Camper tour with Brits and Frenchies

April - June: Upon mature reflections we sold our boat. Here is the report of our last trip. "Geriatrix" has been handed over to good hands. But "our" Geriatrix life will go on. Our readers should be curious about what will come next. We are too...


October 2006: To finish the season we fly again to Turkey.

Summer 2006

Spring 2006: We get a new "pasarella".

January 2006: The holiday season and the change of the year we spent this time in our hometown - even with a little bit of snow!


Oktober 2005: We enjoyed the rest of the summer in Germany with Kerwe Celebration, biking and several jobs to be done on our house. In October we fly again to the Turkish sun for an autumn sailing trip.

Summer 2005:Accompanied by British and French friends we travel to Italy to start our big journey. Let's see, what the summer will bring!

December/January/FebruaryMarch: We migrated again to Tanzania for the change of the year and spent a couple of nice weeks at Ngurdoto. But the idea to avoid the cold and unpleasant weather in Europe this time of the year did not work out.. When we came back it was freezing cold. But this didn't keep us from enjoying the Carneval in Cologne and from Skiing. A weekend in Lenk/Adelboden and a week in Les Masses made us anxiuos to ski more next year. And for all insiders: Rainer feels perfectly well!



October/November: We have been quite busy to renovate "Schloss Holle". There is always a lot do do in an old house.

August/September: In August Jochen and his Junior Crew were on tour with Geriatrix, now it is our turn again. From Pula to Pula with Bernhard and Gabi, and for the rest of the season together with Karl.

Juli: Due to special circumstances we had to start the sailing saison a bit late. Now we are back home after the first and second trip for this year. With Nils as back-up it was no problem and we are ready for new adventures.

January/February/March: We enjoyed our first year after Saudi and with Geriatrix tremendously. Since we were not particularly keen on a cold and dark German winter we spent the last three weeks of the old and the first three weeks of the new year with very good friends in Tanzania. Street carnival in Köln and a skiing trip in the Dolomites considerably eased the rest of the winter season.



October: Hibernation

September: with Tilo and Teresa, Flotilla sailing with Wolfgang's crew, with Bernhard and Gabi, Venice

August: Bubblyturn with Jami and Greg

June: A different little turn with Jochen, Anja, Jana and Peer

Mai: Our first trip alone

April: Along the coast of Istria

Beginning of April: The adventure starts. With the help of Melli, Nils and Karl GERIATRIX is brought to its home berth

Slowly but surely we will establish ourselves in this corner. A new life will begin. Seven years in paradise should be enough. The Life After, what should it be like? We both had some ideas but none of us succeeded in pushing them through... There will be no tomato plantation neither in Italy nor in Spain. A castle in Weinheim and a dream boat in the Med might be the solution.