Armada of Rouen

We meet at a campground near the River Seine.

First of all we do some sightseeing in Rouen. By now we are not surprised about the rain when we visit a city.


Next day we visit the Armada. The attending boats reach Roune one after the other. They come upstream the Seine. The real big sailboats have to put down their masts to pass the three bridges between the British Channel and Rouen (pont de Normandie, pont de Tancarville und pont de Brotonne). The boats moor at both sides of the Seine. During the following days the boats are center of intrest; some you can even visit inside. But it is so crowded one day is enough, we had our "bath in the crowd" for this year!

At the end of the festival the boats form a huge parade and sail along the Seine to the British Channel (120 km).We all brought our bikes and without a problem we find a decent spot for the day to watch the spectacle. And best of all we have sun shine all day long!

To be in France together with French people and no petaunque - this is something really impossible!

The last few days of our trip we spend with Domy and Yves at the coast of Normandy

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