October 2006

It is raining cats and dogs when we arrive in Antalya/Finike on October 11th. And it is rather chilly,.

With three big hops we reach Marmaris. The wind - as usual from the front. Only the last few miles the wind changes its mind and takes us with 7 beaufort into the marina. Till the evening the sky is covered by an enormous thun derstorm. For hours we can watch sheetlightning all over the sky. The wind has catched up to 9 beaufort inside the marina. Next morning we hear what damage the storm has done, several boats are lost outside. Now the air is very clear and one can see very far.

It is almost dark when we reach our favorite spot in the "Bauernbucht". But by now we are familiar with the area.

The next days are rather smooth. In the Kekova Bay we want to visit "Hassan, the best cook of the Med" we heard so much of. Whoever he recommended him, this was not his day. Arrogant and unfriendly, that's what I would call him. After a beer we leave, we don't want spent any money at this place.

The last elg to Finike we have CERO wind until we reach the entrance of the harbour. But by now we are used to berth with strong wind from the side and pretty soon "Geriatrix" is tied on safely. Not for long because in a few days she will be on the hardstand. Luckily we managed to bring down the sails and put on the boat cober before the big rain starts.

To shorten the time to our departure we drive allong the coast with a rented car. The weather phenomenon we are able to watch on this trip is extrordinary and we are quiet happy to be in a car on land and not on the open sea!

Nov. 1st evrything is packed away "geraitrix" ready to hibernate as we are ready to leave for Germany.


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