Kili mit Mond

To avoid the bad German weather we fly from Frankfurt to Kilimanjaro Airport on Dec. 12, 2003. We are going visit our friends DickDick and DoloresDolores. After six weeks chances are that we will drive each other mad after six whole weeks but for the moment we are all very happy to see each other again after quite some time. The road to the lodge has not improved since our last visit. The 6.5 km drive from the main road to the lodge still takes about half an hour on a very rough track but we are here at last! From the patio of the lodge we can see Mount Meru in the West and Kilimanjaro in the East. The lodge itself is 1,300m above sea level.

Mt.MeruNgurdoto LodgeKilimanjaro

loungedining room

Five comfortably furnished rondavels for two guests each are part of the lodge.


It didn't rained for weeks and the land is very dry. But there are still lots of flowers in bloom, including the coffee plants. On Ngurdoto we only drink "home grown" coffee, naturally!.

Hibiskusflowercoffee plant


The area is a paradise for birds. Next to many others this heron is a regular visitor at least as long Toulouse - the watch dog of the house - does not chase him. Then he is offended and disappeares for a few days.


It's party season! Besides Xmas and New Year's, there are the birthdays of Dolores, Rainer and Lois to be celebrated!!

DoloresRainerMama Meru

In the late afternoon it is time for petaungh and the French have to fear for their supremacy!



When in Africa one has to go on safari. These are ours:

Even six weeks have to end sometime. But it is also nice to be back home again - especially when welcomed with such a surprise birthday party!

Rainer, Traudel and Happy sunset