Venedig im September


This time we take the train to Venice - much cleverer since this way we avoid the horrendous parking fees. The weather is gorgeous, so we decide to explore this floating city on foot Through small alleys passing lonely canals and wonderful palazzos - that's how I like Venice.
We discover a very good restaurant far away from most of the tourists.
There is actually an empty "piazza" in Venice.
Close to the Rialto Bridge this is rather different.
Most of the gondolas are occupied and most of the gondolieris are quite busy.
Around the Piazza San Marco we meet all the other thousands of people who visit Venice today.
Window shopping in Venice is something very special. One can find anything - from kitsch to art.
And of course there are all kinds of masks, some are even alive!
And in a little workshop we could actually watch the artist create her masks.
During our second visit the weather is not as pleasant. One notices much more how in need of repair the facades of the houses and palazzos really are. But everywhere we see people working on this, it is probably a lifetime job.
This time we decide to walk through the part of Venice called Ghetto. The name refers to the foundries originally placed in this part of town. When the Jews were forced to live here in the 16th century the name was taken over and has become a synonym for segregated Jewish quarters in towns all over.Because of the lack of space the houses grew towards the sky, up to ten storeys on top of each other - with exceptionally low ceilings.
And at the end of the day we need something sweet. But not the typical sweets of Venice that are available everywhere, it has to be a very special ice-cream from a particular ice-cream palour.

But evidently it tastes good and so everybody is happy!