Finike - preparations and a trip in the hinterland

We arrive behind schedule in Antalya and therefore we are very early in the morning on our boat in Finike. It is still early in the year, the mountains are still covered with snow.

Finike hardstand

After a week the work necessary in spring is done and we are in the ater. Benedikt is already here and in the water too but this year without Brigitte.

Geriatrix am Kran

Together we rent a car and drive up in the mountains. But w don't reach the snow.


The terrace of the little restaurant in the canyon was destroyed by the big storm last year. They are about to repair the damage, but we get a trout for lunch anyway, business is business.


On our way we pass Phaselis. Benedikt hasn't been here before, so we visit the ancient place.


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