After finishing all preparations we leave Finike on Friday followed by Benedikt with the "Geraldine".


All of sudden Rainer catches big something with the eye: It is a big turtle.


The first night we spend in Kekova bay.


Next morning it is quiet in the bay but outside it is not very pleasant and the boat rolls a lot in the water. Benni falls more and more back. Over radio he calls: Are you the boat I can see? When the wind reaches 28 knots per hour we hide in the bay near Kas.


The anchor keeps slipping and this brings us deeper into the bay. To our surprise there is a little restaurant we haven't seen before. There is a small jetty where we can berth. It is small but even Benny finds a space when he arrives

Der Anker hält schlecht und wir verziehen und immer weiter nach hinten. Siehe da, hier ist ein kleines Restaurant, das wir bis jetzt noch nie entdeckt haben. An dessen Steg können wir festmachen, auch wenn der sehr kurz ist. Aber es geht und für Benni reicht es auch noch.


High above the bay are some Lykian tombs. To get some exercise we climb up guides by a little dog.

Rainer beim Klettern

The sky is overcast and it even starts to rain. We are early on the go because we want topass the "Seven Capes". With a long leg we reach our favorite "Bauernbucht". Benni with the "Geraldine" doesn't make as much speed as we do. He has to stop in Kalkan. We will wait for him where we are.


For the first time the temperature is wuite pleasant in the morning. But outside we can see the wind hauling. All the day no sign of "Geraldine". Eventually we reach Benny at 8.30 in the evening via the mobil phone. He had to fight against the strong wind all day long. His main sail is shredded and now his motor doesn't work properly anymore. He is exasperated and has turn ed round back to Finike.


Today the weather is nice and even the wind is pleasant. Under sails we reach Marmaris late afternoon.


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