October Trip
The summer in Germany slowly but surely ends. We fly again to Turkey to enjoy the Turkish sun and to prepare "Geriatrix" for the winter. Bernhard and Gabi are joining us.

October, 10th
Our boat also needs a shower; it is covered with red dust. But four people manage this in no time and we soon we are ready to go shopping to fill up our food and drink supplies.


October, 11th
But it takes a while till all the paper work is done. But we don't care too much because it is raining anyway.

October, 12th
Who would have thought this? Clear blue sky and sunshine! But the mountains in the hinterland are covered with snow.


We sail along the Lykian Coast to the west. The bay we find in the afternoon is crowded with gullets and several yachts. Obviously not the secret tip we thought!

October, 13th
The clear water invites us to swim but is pretty cold. Early in the afternoon we anchor at Yesilkoey near Kalkan. Again several gullets join us in the bay. They look very nice, but are just too many. Fortunately they have another place for the night and we have the bay for us.

October, 14th
We start early because along this part of the coast is no decent anchoring. The wind we get is enough but - - from the front. The waves are about two meters and the sea is quite rough.

The new marina in Fethiye is much to our liking.

October, 15th
At the colourful market hall of Fethiye we get all what we need for the next days.

We enjoy the delicious Turkish food in the restaurants. Though it is Ramadan everything is available even beer, only it is served in a coca cola cup because of the mosque in the neighbourhood.

The huge bay of Fethiye has uncountable small bays and anchorings. We choose the one we like best. Sure enough a gullet captain likes it too and anchors right next to us. But actually it is not bad because the big gullet protects us from the upcoming wind.

October, 16th
Unfortunately the anchor chain of the gullet lays right across ours and the boat doesn't seem to move. We don't care and enjoy the day with reading and sunbathing.

October, 17th
We want to move on even the wind is howling and we expect strong wind outside. But it is just the other way round and without problems we reach Maden Iksele. We have been here before a few years ago. We have to climb up to the restaurant but the effort is worth it. The food is excellent.

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