On April 5, 2003 the adventure starts: We drive to Izola/Slovenia to launch our boat. It is still very cold; the Alps are still covered with snow. For the first time we set our feet on "our" boat. Unfortunately the first impression is a bit distressing because the finish is rather slipshod. It takes some time to write down everything of which we do not approve. The worst are the bow thrusters, which are installed in true "Saudi Style" - right for left and left for right -- not very funny in a narrow harbour with a lot of wind! This results in our first scratch. But after everything is taken down on paper and GERIATRI"X" has her name on her hull, the real elation is eventually there, even at unpleasantly cold temperatures. At one point it is even snowing!

the boatGeriatrix in Punta Gabbiani

The crew for the maiden voyage consists of Rainer, Traudel, Nils, Melli and Karl. The journey takes us from Izola/Slovenia to Piran for customs and then leads across the Gulf of Trieste Marittima into the lagoon of Marano. The water level varies due to the tide and it is exciting to see if we can make it on our own to Marina Punta Gabbiani. But we manage and celebrate our first successful trip with Cremant and Prosecco and wonderful Italian food. The marina offers every comfort you would like -- even a large heated pool and a hot Jacuzzi. Here you can even accept the cold weather! A visit to Venezia is on the schedule, but it is constantly pouring. There are better things to do than "Pitsche dabbe" in Venezia, preferably a 3-course menu prepared on board by Nils and Melli!

jacuzzipitsche dabbe

This with some bottles of Prosecco and Italian red and white wine - and the beginning of the rest of our lives is not bad!

wine and water