Finally "op di pad" after the long winter. We could hardly wait to be on the road again. Domy und Yves wait for us at the campsite in Ruoms by the river Ardeche. We could have been there much earlier but there is a tunnel in the way with a height of 3.10m. And our camper measures 3.08m... We don't want to take that risk. Our biking tour next day proofs us right - it would have been very tight!


Europas most spectacular canooing area is the river Ardeche. The roads winds high above the gorge, from there we can see the canoos in the gorge. It is a good thing we are not in a hurry because sometimes the road is blocked.


Thr ride through the Cevenne mountains is beautiful. For lunch we stop in a littlöe village aling the road. Rainer and Yves do what they like most: Reading menus! The restaurant doesn't look very inviting from the outside but inside : superb! We are so full we decide to stay in this village Le-Pont-Mont-Vert for the night.


Up to 400m the river tarn has cut its bed into the karst. Next to the river winds the narrow road, tunnels have to be cut quite often into the rock. More than once we have to check if we fit through but luckily we do.

Gorge du TarnGorge du Tarn

The Viaduc de Millau - the highest highway bridge of the world- is here in Millau in South of France 270m high above the river Tarn. Der highest pillon measures 340m - 16m more than the Eiffel Tower in Paris.


Not far is the viillage of Roquefort, where the famous French cheese ripes in caves underground. The caves can be visited and of course the speciality can be bought here.


The Katharer city of Carcassonne is one of the best precerved fortresses of Europe. Even very touristic it is certainly worth a visit. Between the old walls we find an inviting "Bisquiterie". In the shop the bisquits were delicious but the next day in the camper they were VERY dry... But there are other specialities here because we are on the "Route des Cassoulets" to Rainer and Yves delight. But Domy and I also find sth nice to eat.


Route des CasouletsCassouletLunch

The Chateau Pyrepertuse, the largest French fortress of the catharer sits on a rock at an altitude of 800m. The road winds up the mountain and the campers have to work hard. From the parking below the chateau we have to perform a sweaty climb to the lower and upper castle but the view up there is gigantic and makes it worth the effort.

AuffahrtAufstiegChateau Peyrepertuse

From our campsite for the night we enjoy the view to the Pyrenee mountains. And guess what I found in the depth of our camper? A wine exactly from this area given to us from Volker quite a while ago.

Grau de MauryPyrenäenviewAOC Maury

Our guide book says Collioure can be easily reached by bike from the campsite. Elderly people might have to push their bikes sometimes.... And that's exactly what happened - up and down, up and down. We have earned our drink in the harbour of Collioure!

KüsteColliouredreifarbiger 51