Pasarella Trip

Spring 2006

The rain is pouring when Volker takes us to the airport. At midnight we are in Antalya and at 2 a.m. in Finike and on board of Geriatrix, means of course she is still sitting on the hard standing area on land. In the morning we find nice temperatures even there is still snow on the mountains. Our boat is pretty squeezed in, no big chance to come in the water earlier as scheduled.

All around people work on their boats. Even paint is sprayed on between the other boats! We also start to clean and polish. The scheduled date for to go on the crane is more than a week ahead, we have to plan the work not to get bored. Soon the boat looks clean and shiny but only for two days. Then the wind comes from the south and brings sand from the Sahara desert. Together with the pollen everything looks dirty again.

We meet again with Helmut from the SY Hegulf we met last year in Italy. He as well is preapring the boat for the season. "Hegulf" is few days earlier in the water than "Geriatrix".

Eventually it is our turn on Friday, April 14th. The operator of the crane is really good and directs his crane even around the parking cars! Rainer puts on the last bit of antifouling and soon after "Geriatrix " is swimming again. The weather is dull and it is raining. But we are happy anyway and empty on of our last bottles of Italian bubbly.

from Finike to Marmaris

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