April 17th finally we can leave the marina of Finike. The wind - of course - blows right to the3 nose but we don't mind. We head for the lagoon behind the island of Kekova passing Kale Koy where we got eaten up by mosquito last fall. We don't care about the "Best Cook of the Med " because on board the best cook of the world will prepare dinner today but no fish!

The Greek island Castellorizon lays only three nautical miles away from the Turkish coast. The excursion to Europe is worth a try. Early in season the tiny harbour is still quiet and comfortable. Where else can you berth next to the table with a table cloth? In WW2 the Greeks and Turks fought heavily over this tiny island. The former inhabitants of 10 000 left, only 280 remain nowadays. When the number will drop below 200 by treaty the island will belong to Turkey.

A very steep path leeds high above the harbour. The view from up there is magnificent!

The announced wind-force of 2-3 Beaufort appears as a strong 7 in the morning. And that's definitely more than I want. There are a few ups and downs during the day. There are some places in the Koerfezi Bay where we find shelter.

What was too much yesterday is not enough today. After a few hours we are in Marmaris. Early in the season there are few tourists. We are lucky and find the nice restaurant where we had the special Turkish food last year.

The main purpose for our trip is to pick up the gangplank we ordered in autumn. Here they call it "pasarella", what a nice name! It is not as easy as we thought. After several unsuccessful tries to reach Henning we rent a car and luckily we find his place and eventually Henning as well. All turns out fine, he remembers us and our "pasarella" is waiting for us. The next day Rainer is busy mounting the new equipment. It looks perfect and people ask us where we got it.

from Marmaris to Finike

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