This trip starts with a fantastic day in Venice - by train and on foot before heading South with Geriatri'x'

There is no denying that fall has arrived. Even in bright sunshine, our fleece is never far away. Nevertheless, we still have a few beautiful days for sailing, with or without wind, with or without sunshine, with or without thunderstorms.

Rainer und Gabi
Gabi and Bernhard are a good supporting cast, they know when and where to lend a hand. Gabi is perfect at the rudder, and Bernhard unbeatable as lookout.
Gabiaus Ausguck
We stop in Piran, Umag and Vrsar. The season is undeniably over. The innkeepers try their best to lure us into their establishments. Pizza in Umag is pretty appalling, yet in the Conoba Castell of Vrsar even Bernhard's spoiled palate is satisfied.
After that the wind blows us straight to Brijuni. The culinary highlight for the aficionados of steak tartare. This time Rainer shares the gargantuan portion with Bernhard. We really are hungry enough after our cycle tour of the island. Here, too, the season has ended: they don't even emerge to cash up.
Rainer und BernhardTartar

In the end it turns into two days, because after a clear night we wake up to a stormy, rainy day. However, thanks to enough books and card games aboard this poses no problem. But in the end we have to leave. It's rain gear for us and auxiliary sail for Geriatri'x'. We reach Porec under motor power in order to clear custom. But the day is saved when we watch dolphins swimming and even jumping right out of the water. There are no photos of this event; you just have to take our word for it.

Rainer und Gabisunset

And 'coz it was so nice, we'll drive back to Venice for another look!