We meet Domy and Yves in Gerardmer in the Vosges. At the mountain next to the Skistation we find a perfect place for the night.Mit Domy und Yves treffen wir uns in Geradmer in den Vogesen.

The weather is wonderful. From Hohneck we have a magnificent view over the Vosges.

We drive along Route de Crétes. Because of the nice weather a lot of people enjoy the mountains up here. But not far on a side road next to the Petite Ballon we find again a perfect spot. The lunch at "Kahlenwasen" is gigantic and the view across the Rheinvalley to the Black Forest as well.

In the morning we celebrate Yves' birthday.

Now our route brings us in the vine villages of the Alsace. We walk through Munster, a nice little city.

The air is full of the smell of new vine. The color of the leaves is a dream. We camp right in a vineyard.

High above the village of Dambach is the old castle of Bernstein. From here we can see far into the Rheinvalley.

Ribeauville, lots of tourists but still nice.

The famous son of Kayserberg is Albert Schweitzer.

Now we explore the French side of Alsace - the "Schiffshebewerk" of St.Louis-Arywiler. It was built in 1969 and 17 sluises of the Rhein-Marne-Kanal were not necessary any more.

Now the weather god is not in a good mood any more. It becomes cold and overcast. The yard of the old castle Haut-Barr is a nice campsite and the food in the restaurant is excellent.

That's the end of our little autumn cruise. But by now it is raining and we don't mind too much to drive home again.