Summertrip 2006

June, 22nd-26th:: Wir are not in a hurry to leave the harbour. There is a lot to do: To get rid of the Egyptian sand which covers the boat, to fill up the food stock for the next weeks, to get used to the heat and mainly to watch soccer,because of the world championships in Germany right now. Unfortunately we left the athmospere behind in Germany.
June 27th: The turkish family berthing next to us is so noisy, we are fed up with it and st sail in the morning.
Against all intentions there is no bubbly any more on board of this boat, a drop of Turkish white wine will do as substitute to start the trip. Near Kekova we sail across the "sunken city" but actually see nothing except what is above the water.

After the gulets and motorboat have left we have the chosen berthing for the first night all to ourselves - almost.....because early in the morning we are attacked by mosquitos.

June 28th:This bay is so beautiful after the mosquitos have left. Reading - swimming - reading - sleeping - reading - and so on. Rainer is reading "Alexander" for the xtime, I guess the book will not last till the end of the trip.

June 29th: Anchor up at 5.30 just before sunrise. After a long tack with a little bit of sailing wind we reach our favorite bay in Fethiye Bay without any spectacular events - only a few fish died of laughing when Rainer tried to catch them.

June 30th: The water is pretty cold early in the morning - but somebody has to loosen the rope ashore.
After three hours we get some wind - of course quite a lot and we have to shorten sails immediately. The boat sails more upright this way and we still make 6.6 knots. Only for the last miles to Marmaris we need motor assistance while the wind is dying down. Of course while berthing it is there again with 14 knots from the side!
Next to us lies a boat with the name "Nice Shoes" and another one is called "Psalm 23"!
The people of the Anadolou restaurant greet us like old friends. No question for us they switch on the TV. And it is worth it: Germany wins its game!

July 1st: The first game of the evening is England versus Portugal. We choose a small bar to watch the game. A few British soldiers have the same idea -maybe on holiday from Irak, it is apalling how young they are. Despite lots of beer the British boys don't loose their face because of the British defeat, some even cry.
During the second game Brasil versus France "puff" and the whole of Marmaris is without power. No more soccer to watch!


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