July 2nd: Back on the open water the temperature is much more pleasant. Our sailing guide recomments the bay "Serce" but also claims to be crowded most of the time. Today it seems to deserted. Maybe all the other sailors have already tried the very expensive and bad restaurant... But the bay itself is worth a stay.
July 3rd: During the night we suffer from heavy gusts coming down the steep rock faces. In the morning the wind is rather strong. Outside the bay it is moderate. Later in the day we drop anchor at Kisil Adasi, a nice and comfortable place.

July 4th: Today a restaurant with TV is a must because Germany has its next game. We sail far into the Hisaroenu Koerfezi. A wecoming sign promises moorings, showers, toilets, electricity and water. They should have a <tv as well. The "Aurora" appears as a shady oasis with an overgrown house. It looks very nice and the food is excellent. THe host Hueseyin has grown up and studied in Berlin, his wife comes from Sweden. The athmophere is super.

By and by more German sailboats arrive. Everybody wants to watch the semifinal German versus Italy.
During the day the tables of the restaurant stand below the shady roof. At night they wander to the jetty where a small brise cools the air. The room under the roof turns into the TV room and is decorated with German flags and soccer accessoires. But it doesn't help Germany is the loser today.

July 5thi: The host brings frsh bread to each boat. The leaving boats are greeted with a large bell.We sail were the wind takes us and for today tit is the bay we have been a few days before.

July 6th: We sail along the Datca Peninsula. At the cape the wind is too strong and we turn round. We drop anchor at a bay next to the city of Datca. Our guide book mentions heavy gusts and we have to agree to that - all night long with 25 knots!

July 7th: We sail along the coat back into the gulf. In this direction we sail with the wind and this is much more pleasant. The Bencik Bay cuts like a fjord in the land. This is the smallest spot of the Datca peninsula, only 1 000 Meter to the gulf on other side. Old Knidos was located here.
Deep in the fjord is a save berthing. No gusts! The bay is also called "shark bay", because some small sharks come here to spawn. We didn't see any shark but a sea otter!

July 8th: We decide to sail again to the "Aurora" because of the food and because of the soccer game.

July 9: Because it is so nice here we stay also for the finals.

In the afternoon we don't believe our eyes. A small sailboat approaches the jetty. It appears very familiar to us. It is the "Geraldine" with skipper Benedikt we met last year in Trizonia in the Gulf of Korinth. This time he is accompanied by Brigitte.

July 10t: Our plan to leave today doesn't work out. Benedikt has problems with the anchor winch and Rainer can help him. Late in the afternoon the heat ia more bearable. I explore the area around Selimye and climb even to the small Turkish castle.

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