One of the main task in Ngurdoto is shopping. For so many people it is inevitable to buy a large amount of food. And for the new house there is a need of something every day.. It is always a safari, because it is not easy to find what you want and quite often you have to do several trips... TiT!!!

The next big town is Arusha in about 30 kilomters distance. Even this is a growing city of more tha n 500 000 inhabitants only the main roads are tarmac.

Arushabread byciclebicycle truck

There is everything and nothing available in Arusha! Today we have lampfixtures on our shopping list. A lot of models are available but if you find one you like is a different story..


This is our supermarket. The supply is better than one would assume from the outside.


What is not available in Arusha we might get in Moshi, double distance in the opposite direction. If we are lucky and there are no clouds we can see Kilimanjaro all the way to Moshi.

Market day is twice a week in Usa River, the village down the road. You can buy clothes, shoes, vegetable and fruit.

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