We reach Ngorongo crater rim in a few hours via the new tarmac road. The treck leads through Massai land down to the Serengeti National Park.

Pretty soon we spot all kinds of animals, they don't care about the borders of the park.

We cross Serengeti National Park from East to West. The western part is called Western Corridor. During the rainy season it is almost impossible to drive through.
After about nine hours we reach the western border of the park. We have to drive one more hour along Lake Victoria to reach Musoma where Mike waits for us. A small motorboat brings us in half an hour to Lukuba. The little island is appr. two kilometers long and 500 m wide.
Hidden between trees and rocks are five small bungalows.

The island has three settlements, the fishermen, the farmers and the landing of the taxi boat.


These curious little guys are everywhere. But the much bigger monitor lizzards are very shy and dissappear instantly. Sometimes they swim under water to a rock to sunbath.

. The various bird life of the island is quite interesting. Mike has spotted 81 different birds already.

A sundowner at the open fire in the evening is always nice. Meanwhile some other guests like our bungalow also...

The view from the highest point of the island is marvellous, especially at sunset!

We spent two days at Lukuba, then Mike brings us back to Musoma on the shore of the lake. A pleasant stay for the night is "Serengeti Stop Over" right at the entrance to the park. This way we are able to enter the park by sun rise. And we are lucky: Right after the gate we spot a lioness with four cups!

It is the start of the big migration, wildebeest and zebras everywhere! And of course the predators are not far.

Soon the road leads up again to the crater rim. We decide to drive through the crater bottom. For the first time we see a leopard hunting, but for pictures far too much in the distance.

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