Friday, May 13th
Another regatta! Though under these wind conditions it is more like "no motion sailing"!

The island of Brac is famous because of its limestone coloured marble. Some well-known magnificent buildings are built out of it like the White House in Washington. The quarry doesn't look that white - maybe the colour appears with polishing.

The old town of Puscica is the city of the stonemasons. The small harbour appears quiet, not much is happening here. The church with the onion tower has a light blue stucco ceiling and chandelier of the same colour, wow! Reminds of the hotel room in Najran….

Saturday, May 14th

Radio Split is still warning of the floating refrigerator, luckily it doesn't move in our moving direction.
For the night we drop anchor at the west end of the peninsula of Peljesac. At night a thunderstorm hits us. Gigantic sheet lightning and flashes but no thunder! The mountains along the coast are brightly lit. Rainer jumps in his yellow hard weather gear and stays up all night. We spin round for 360 degrees but our anchor holds tight.

Sunday, May 15th
In the strait between Peljesac and Corcula there is a strong current - of course as usual from the front. Soon we reach the harbour of Corcula.

The city of Corcula is situated on an almost circular peninsula surrounded by the sea.

The narrow alleys cross the city in a slight bow direction east to west. This way the cold winds from the north are kept out and the hot afternoon sun in the summer can not reach in.

Marco Polo is supposed to be born here (as claim many other places too). From the tower his birthhouse the view is magnificent.

During season there are shows of sword fighting in Corcula. This time of the year we can only visit an exhibition showing the uniforms.

Monday, May 16th and Tuesday, May 17th
The strait opens up after Corcula. For a little while we can even set sails. I am able to see four (!!!) dolphins slowly moving to the north. Mljet is the most wooded island of Croatia covered thick forests of pines and holm oaks.

The tiny village of Okuklije is situated in a fjord-like bay not visible from the open sea. There are only a few houses but several restaurants which are fighting for the guests.

High above the small bay is a chapel and even further up is an overgrown grotto. The walk up there gives us some exercise.

From the top one can see almost to Italy

to Dubrovnik