From Skradin it takes about 15 minutes to reach the entrance of the National Park. Here in bassin at the end of the falls bathing is permitted and people enjoy the freshness of the water. Across the pedestrian bridge the way leads up next to the lower falls.

kuehles NassSkradinski Buk

At the top is a second entrance from wherethe trip can be continued by boat. In the middle of Lake Visovac we visit the cloister island with the same name. The Fransiscan monastery is mentioned the first time in the 14th century. Originally a barren stone pile, now everything is growing here. The monks brought soil, seeds and plants. Today nine monks live here quite comfortably.

Klosterinsel VisovacKloster

The boat trip ends by the Rozki Falls, not as spectacular as the lower falls at the other end. Here we get something to drink and eat some of the tasty Dalmatian ham. Of course we buy some for our journey. And we get an extrordinary walnut snaps as a gift… But as it is with these things later on they are not as tasty anymore.

Roski Slap

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