Domyves have to go back, we head for the Pyrenees, for the Cirque de Cavarnie. Unfortunately it rains cats and dogs and we see absolutely nothing of the famous landscape. Next day we drive across the wellknown passes Col de Coulor and Col d'Aubisque. They are part of the route of the Tour de France each year. Even in a weather like this they are very spectacular. The roads are very small, there is even a one-way regulation - in our direction we are only aloud to drive from 6 o'clock in the morning till 12.30 in the afternoon. At least this way we have no opposing traffic!

Col de SoulorCol d'AubisqueCol d'Aubisque

Col de Soulor and Col d'Aubisque

By this weather condition it doesn't make sense to stay longer in the Pyrenees. Never mind, we have to come back! We bomb down to Andalusia with two overnight stays .

Sierra de AlmijaraSierra de Almijara

Sierra de Almijara

On the last bit to the coast a motor waring blinked up. We have no clue what's wrong. No chance we have to go to a workshop in Motril and have to continue with a hired car. We are lucky to have this hired car because the road to Finca MonTor is worse than the last time. No chance to go on this road with the camper. We will need another parking! But we will worry about this later, now we are back with Monika and Tobi like we have never been away!

Finca MonTorFinca MonTor

Finca MonTorFinca MonTorFinca MonTor